Wire shelving

Permafil wire shelves are an ideal choice for convenient storage.Browse our different models to find out which best suits your project. Buy local! Choose Permafil wire shelves!

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Our engagement

  • Durable materials

    Made in Quebec from sturdy steel, all of our wire shelves are coated with thermosetting electrostatic powder paint for a lustrous, durable finish.

  • Permafil installation

    Our team of installers ensures the proper and efficient installation of all Permafil products. We adhere to CCQ standards.

  • Maintenance and warranty

    To maximize the life of Permafil wire shelves, we encourage you to read our maintenance advice and our warranty terms.

Our models

  • PS model

    Continuous sliding rod

    When it comes to bedrooms, wardrobes or closets, our PS wire shelves is the perfect choice. You can slide hangers from one end to the other without restriction, and among Permafil products, this model is recognized for its convenience. This model is perfect for resale residential units, single-family homes and condominiums.

  • SR model

    Regular rod

    Perfect for storing clothes and lingerie, our Model SR wire shelves are ideal for wardrobes and closets. The SR model is the go-to choice for home builders that specialize in rental units.

  • L model

    Wire shelves for medium and large volume objects

    The L model promises to adapt to your needs whether you have large storage areas or are in a more limited space. These wire shelves available in various depths, so this most versatile model fits anywhere!

  • DM model

    Wire shelves of small volume objects

    Our DM wire shelves is the perfect match for your needs, whatever the size of your storage space.

    Available in different sizes, these wire shelves have dividers that make it very convenient to arrange small items.