About us


Permafil was founded in 1989 by a Quebec entrepreneur, who envisioned to become a major player in the manufacture of home storage products.

Thirty years later, Permafil is the only wire shelving manufacturer in Canada. We have extended its expertise into various categories of products and services. Permafil is a dominant player in eastern Canada in the manufacturing and installation of wire shelving, partitions and wire mesh storage systems, bicycle racks, melamine storage shelving and furniture, and commercial displays.

A change in shareholding occurred in 2009—and we are proud that Permafil is still owned by local entrepreneurs. It is active primarily in the construction world in which it is recognized as a reliable partner manufacturing and installing quality products and providing first-class service through a professional team devoted to customer satisfaction.

Permafil works with the biggest players in the construction industry in Quebec and eastern Ontario in the vast majority of multi-unit condo, rental or retirement home construction projects. Permafil also serves several major players in the hardware market and also sells on the web through its www.wallysystem.com online store.

In addition, the commercial display unit division has enjoyed significant success for several years with major manufacturers who, together with Permafil, develop merchandising and display solutions for their products throughout North America.

Permafil’s management is determined to maintain the sustained sales growth it has enjoyed in recent years, and is constantly working to develop new products and markets to ensure the company’s growth and sustainability.


Everything Permafil does is part of our pursuit to provide a better customer experience in all business sectors in which we operate.

Our values


Act with exemplary honesty towards our customers, shareholders, suppliers and employees in order to maintain their trust at the highest level.

Total customer satisfaction: exceptional service

Provide solutions that respect and meet our external and internal customers’ expectations through communication, our ability to respond and the timely delivery of high-quality products and reliable services.

Foster excellent relationships with our employees and business partners

Create an exceptional work environment that facilitates open communication, development, opportunities for advancement and fair practices in which our employees’ achievements are recognized. To maintain a relationship of mutual trust with our business partners.

Manufacture premium products with no compromising

Deliver a product that meets recognized standards and our customers' expectations through continuous improvement procedures without compromising in materials, design and manufacture.

High-efficiency manufacturing

Maintain optimal process efficiency by implementing the best business practices in our manufacturing plant.

Provide a safe, clean and orderly work environment

Develop employee engagement and take all steps necessary to create a safe, healthy and clean work environment with the latest equipment and technology.

Be a good corporate citizen

Comply with laws and regulations, protect the environment and encourage the company and its employees to get involved in their community.